Partnering with Mechanical Contractors

CQS partners with mechanical contractors to provide Building Automation System (BAS) consultancy or installation that minimizes change orders and ensures optimal equipment operation and performance post-construction.

A common industry practice requires that Mechanical Contractors (MCs) responsible for Division 23 (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)) subcontract Division 25 (Integrated Automation and HVAC Control). However, many MCs lack the in-house expertise to comprehensively review BAS plans and specifications to ensure the accuracy of Division 25 scope and pricing. Our BAS team has in-depth knowledge and experience with all related trades including but not limited to Division 23 (HVAC), 25 (Controls), 26 (Electrical), and 27 (Communications). For that reason, we partner with MCs to provide BAS consultancy or installation that minimizes change orders and ensures optimal equipment operation and performance post-construction.

Reducing Change Orders

Leveraging our experience and approach, MCs find in CQS a partner that works on their behalf to minimize scope creep during all project phases. As BAS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we commonly review equipment vendor submittals in parallel with project plans and specifications to uncover duplicated or missed BAS scopes that could lead to costly change orders. We also work with MCs to commission and retro-commission BAS in a manner that delivers optimal HVAC and mechanical system performance.

Change orders are typically a last resort with CQS because our SMEs take the time to think through the project during the bid phase and identify for our MCs any issues or deficiencies that could impact cost or schedule. CQS ultimately becomes an extension of the MC project management team to operate as the clearing house of ALL BAS related Requests for Information (RFIs), submittals, drawing and specification reviews, etc. Working together with MCs we bridge the gap between other related divisions to ensure that the BAS scope and price covers all project requirements.

BAS Installation at its Finest

As a turnkey BAS installation contractor, CQS delivers comprehensive BAS solutions to MCs as a capable and competent 1st tier performing subcontractor responsible for all BAS materials, parts, installation, labor, integration, checkout and commissioning. CQS is a team player. We work together with our MCs to review all project plans and specifications in their entirety, and to identify scope variances that close any gaps between Divisions 23, 25, 26, and 27 before they become costly change orders. Our project planning approach not only reduces the risk of schedule slippage related to BAS installation but also ensures that the end product is comprehensive, fully functional, and commissioned in accordance with all plans and specifications.

As your partner, CQS can...

Provide detailed BAS scopes of work and price proposals in accordance with all plans and specifications
Operate as the clearing house for all BAS related submittals, RFIs, and deficiencies
Deliver BAS installation projects with excellence, on-time, on-budget, and within schedule
Identify and propose resolution to discrepancies between BAS and mechanical, electrical, fire alarm, and other communication trades
Work as a team player to reduce and eliminate costly change orders