Contract Vehicles

If you have an immediate need, CQS has multiple existing contract vehicles available to support you


GSA Schedule Procurement

CQS is a GSA MAS Schedule holder (Contract # 47QSHA19D005R) under SINs 541513 (Smart Buildings Systems Integration) and 561210FAC (Complete Facilities Maintenance and Management).

GSA schedules allow Federal agencies the convenience of less paperwork, automatic compliance with specific FAR regulations, and peace of mind regarding the quality of bidders. By using the GSA MAS Schedule, and designating the procurement as a small business set-aside, Federal agencies can ensure that they are getting a highly qualified bidders with the best pricing, while at the same time meeting socioeconomic procurement goals. With the award of our GSA MAS Schedule, CQS has already been pre-vetted by GSA and determined to be a responsible contractor (per FAR Part 9), our SAM record has been verified to confirm our socioeconomic status, and our pricing has been reviewed and negotiated by the government to ensure that it is fair and reasonable.

SBA (8)a certified

8(a) Program Procurement

CQS is currently enrolled in the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program with a nine (9) year tenure that expires in 2024. The 8(a) Business Development Program is a fast-track contracting vehicle that allows Federal agencies to bypass restrictive contracting hurdles and offer direct Sole Source contracts with CQS for any single qualified requirements valued up to $4.5M. Additionally, this contracting program streamlines the award of competitive contracts with ceiling values up to $41.5M/year, advertised ONLY to 8(a) Certified small businesses. To date, CQS has successfully complete millions of dollars in General Contracting (GC) and Building Automation System (BAS) projects for various Federal clients who have found the 8(a) program to be a simple, efficient, and highly effective vehicle to utilize our various services and core competencies.

The SBA’s 8(a) acquisition process can be completed in five (5) simple steps:

  1. Define project scope
  2. Send a letter of intent to the SBA district office detailing project information and any special restrictions or limitations
  3. SBA reviews and approves the submitted request
  4. Contract / Agreement is drawn up and signed by your agency and CQS
  5. CQS delivers the project with excellence to your agency

Download our overview for additional details regarding the SBA’s process for procuring our services under an 8(a) sole source contract.

anne arundel community college

Open-end Contract for On-Call Building Controls/Automation Services

CQS was awarded a master contract by Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) for their On-Call Building Controls/Automation Services procurement. This master contract establishes “not to exceed” pricing for future potential task orders, and includes a “Cooperative Purchasing/Rider” clause which allows AACC to extend the contract terms, conditions, specifications and pricing of the contract to other state, local, and educational institutions. For more information on the requirements for utilizing this contract vehicle, please contact us!