Building Automation Systems

Unbiased Advice & Support
Our vendor agnostic Building Automation System (BAS) solutions ensure your building is performing at its best. Whether designing and installing a new BAS or optimizing existing control strategies, our Master Systems Integrators (MSIs), engineers, and technicians can help.

Unlike legacy or other proprietary controls companies that work hard to retain market share, Conquest Solutions, LLC (CQS) offers our clients vendor agnostic and technically superior integration expertise which allows us to apply innovative and unique design approaches to difficult problems. We actively cultivate market awareness as new products are continuously being developed, and our control integration teams have the training, creativity, specialized talent and technical knowledge to integrate and/or expand legacy control systems with modern and web-enabled systems.

The CQS approach leads to enhanced BAS functionality and operational and situational awareness. Our vast knowledge and “pragmatic optimization” approach to integration techniques have yielded successful, operable, and functional BAS installations with clients throughout the country.

Let CQS re-commission and optimize your existing BAS, or design and install a new system. Our vendor agnostic approach coupled with our experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is guaranteed to provide the best overall solution to all your BAS needs.

What We Do

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    Master Systems Integrators (Vendor Agnostic)

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    Direct Digital Control Design Scope & Drawings

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    New & Existing Control System Design Strategies

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    Forensic Retro- Commissioning and Evaluation

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    Third-Party Integration and Architecture Planning

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    Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Human Machine Interface Layout

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    Proactive Diagnostic Maintenance

Our certified and trained team provides...

BAS Existing Conditions Auditing

Our technical SMEs comprehensively investigate, either on-site or remotely, the existing BAS that control your HVAC, mechanical, or other system conditions within your buildings. We provide technical reports inclusive of Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates that help with capital resource planning. Audit deliverables are based on:

  • Comprehensive site surveys
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Equipment operation investigation
  • Drawings, specification, and design reviews


BAS Design and Engineering

Let CQS generate precise and clear control drawings that mitigate confusion and lost productivity during the construction period. Well-planned and executed control drawings are representative of a good BAS specification. Our detailed control drawings are inclusive of flow diagrams, points list, termination points, wire labeling, precise network architecture diagrams, valve schedules, device schedules, sequences of operation, and bills of material that reference actual points. In addition, we provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates on controls designs to help you budget and plan for your next project. We also develop comprehensive controls specifications and standards to ensure that your projects are consistent across your portfolio.

Network Architecture Design Support

Let CQS design, coordinate or manage the network architecture for your next BAS installation. We have the in-house capabilities to:

  • Design all BAS network communication, low voltage power requirements, and routing of cabling installation
  • Generate comprehensive communication architecture for all control devices
  • Coordinate with the client’s installation contractor on all matters related to the overall communication system architecture and any special needs of the control system, based on the network design
  • Assist in the development and deployment of standalone networks for other standalone or integrated systems such as lighting controls and wireless thermostats

BAS Installation (New, Retrofit, Renovation, Upgrades)

As a turnkey installation contractor, CQS delivers vendor agnostic BAS solutions on time, on schedule and within budget. In retrofit applications, we leverage your existing infrastructure to develop the most cost-effective BAS upgrade solution. For renovation projects, our vendor agnostic approach provides options and recommendations for the best overall solution that meets your budget and design intent. For design/build projects, we listen to your pain points to design and install BAS solutions that address each concern. For new construction projects we apply an MSI lens, comprehensively reviewing plans and specifications to identify any design conflicts that could lead to unnecessary change orders and impact project delivery.

We provide detailed proposals that clearly identify to the client or prime contractor our scope of work and any related exposures needing to be addressed. We take a team-player approach to ensure overall project success.

We provide BAS SMEs to develop and manage BAS installations, renovations, or upgrade projects as a supplement to our client’s in-house capabilities. Our trained and experienced BAS project managers, engineers or technicians have the capabilities to perform as representatives and liaison between the installing contractor and our client’s project team. In this capacity we handle all BAS construction management tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that installing contractors and vendors are aligned as one system while adhering to the intended design
  • Managing scope of work development, Requests for Information (RFIs), submittals, change orders, schedule and punch list
  • Monitoring and managing project progress on a technical level with all stakeholders
  • Participating in progress meetings, project related teleconferences, project walk-throughs during construction, and participating in design review meetings
  • Providing quality control support
  • Assisting with any mock-up review and witness testing of approved/existing Sequences of Operation (SOO)
  • Reviewing and evaluating SOO revisions and updates
  • Organizing meetings as necessary to review and analyze final SOO and graphics to achieve functional operation for sign-off

BAS Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

Leverage our technical expertise to ensure that your BAS is correctly installed and operating efficiently. Regardless of the existing BAS vendor, age, or condition (new or legacy) we have the in-house capabilities to evaluate BAS controls hardware and software programming related to your building’s Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), mechanical or other systems to:

  • Confirm BAS is installed per the design and specifications
  • Identity issues affecting BAS operation
  • Determine the root cause of the BAS issue
  • Develop and implement Functional Performance Checklists (FPCs)
  • Develop and implement Functional Performance Tests (FPTs)
  • Validate DDC/BAS clipping conformance to BAS standards
  • Return BAS operation to the original design intent
  • Re-write Sequences of Operation (SOOs) to enhance operation and save energy


BAS Sequence of Operations Generation & Optimization

A simple and efficient Sequence of Operation (SOO) should be the goal of every BAS project. This will save time, money, reduce the need to override your BAS control points, and ensure proper operation of your HVAC, mechanical and associated systems. With a clear understanding of the desired operating conditions and outcome, we develop and program sequences to optimize your equipment operations, provide quantifiable energy savings and make it easy for future vendors to service if ever needed.

Master Systems Integration (Third Party Integration and Architecture Planning)

The Internet of Things (IOT) is here to stay. As MSIs we design, program, and engineer the BAS solutions to ensure that all technical systems regardless of communication protocols (BACnet/IP, BACnet/MSTP, Modbus, LonTalk, ZigBee, EnOcean, xAP, oBix etc.) work cohesively from startup and throughout the system’s lifespan. Our unbiased design, engineering, programming, and guidance will eliminate uncertainties and ensure that all equipment and automation devices maintain seamless communication and control across the planned BAS Architecture.

DDC/BAS Engineering Support

In a support capacity, we work with our clients to review, develop and design DDC/BAS requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing technical coordination and planning with various stakeholders to respond to any Requests For Information (RFIs) related to the overall DDC/BAS design
  • Reviewing all project-related DDC/BAS design documentation, and performing site surveys to generate construction drawings
  • Provide quality control for all installing contractor submitted DDC/BAS design drawings
  • Advise on control system design, programming and verification of DDC/BAS strategies that will benefit the client
  • Review the installing contractor’s proposed sequences of operation to achieve energy savings strategies identified as improvements to the BAS/DDC control system