Smart Buildings, Big Data and the Internet of Things Are Here to Stay

We help you navigate through the complexities of designing an effective Building Automation System.

We  Design Building Automation Systems (BAS) to Meet Your Needs

Client Comfort

BAS are a necessity for effective building operations, but does your BAS currently promote client comfort?

Equipment Optimization

Are you leveraging your BAS to proactively diagnose and optimize your mechanical and electrical equipment operation?

The Bottom Line

Is your BAS being leveraged to positively impact your bottom line?

We Help You Overcome Obstacles

For over a decade, we have prided ourselves on being a top-quality engineering consulting firm that specializes in Building Automation Systems.

We understand the technical jargon, and we have lived through the difficulties of traditional construction woes.  We are positioned to listen and provide guidance to stakeholders including owners, engineers, and sub-contractors to ensure a successful Building Automation System implementation.

Overcome obstacles in Building Automation System Design with Conquest Solutions
Position yourself to win with Conquest Solutions

Position Yourself To Win

Choose industry literate, unbiased, vendor-agnostic guidance to aid in navigating through the wide variety of Building Automation System platforms.  Building Automation Systems are part of an ever-evolving technological landscape.  You need someone who’s focused on staying up-to-date and informed on key industry advances to advise on your design.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

We’ve sub-contracted with Conquest Solutions on some of our biggest and most sensitive government projects, and one of the things I really like about working with them is that they execute well and on time. Conquest Solutions meets their timetables and their targets. But not only that, they also have a great rapport with the customers; our customers love them.” Alphonso Williams

Director of Business Development, Ameresco

Past Clients Include:

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