General Construction

On Schedule & Within Budget
Our General Construction (GC) division delivers turn-key renovations and facility upgrade solutions across all divisions and trades as managed by our certified, trained, and experienced construction project managers. We have the experience, bonding, and team to tackle any GC requirement.

As a licensed GC, CQS provides services including but not limited to installation, renovation, revitalization, restoration, modernization, and sustainment of various building systems and infrastructure projects. We take pride in not only the delivery and execution of our work but also the safety of our employees, client personnel, client buildings, systems, and infrastructure. Safety is our number 1 priority, followed by efficient communication that leads to successful project delivery on-time and within budget. Our strength lies in the delivery of quality GC services safely, on-time and within budget.

Our core philosophy as a GC includes using our trained and experienced project managers and site superintendents to manage, plan, schedule, and oversee all analytical aspects of any project while ensuring open and clear lines of communication between the field and client. The success of any CQS GC project begins at the bid phase where we take the time to think through the project and identify for client consideration any potential issues that could affect a seamless project delivery or budget. CQS is a best value GC that keeps client requirements and project success at the forefront of every project decision.

What We Do

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    Project Scope Development

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    Transmit Shareholder Expectations to Project Team

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    Develop and Adhere to Schedule

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    Kick-off and Mobilization

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    Achieve and Review Milestones

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    Scope Variance and Impact to Project Stakeholders

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    Risk Mitigation

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    Project Closeout and Warranty Documentation

As a GC, CQS has the capabilities to support in various ways including the following:

Turnkey Renovation and Repairs

No matter the renovation requirement, CQS provides the reach-back to experienced and competent subcontractors across all divisions and trades. From small scale tenant fit-outs to large-scale and complex renovations, we provide streamlined and safe project delivery.

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)

CQS subcontracts with qualified and competent trade partners to deliver simple and complex new construction, renovation or repair MEP projects. Our MEP subcontractors are highly qualified and experienced in the delivery of their services. As prime GC, we will always assemble the best and most qualified team to get the job done.

Selective Demolition and Rehabilitation

With our subcontracting partners, CQS performs minor and major selective demolition requirements including but not limited to Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) abatement and remediation services.

Tenant fit-outs

CQS has the team and experience to complete small or large tenant fit-out renovations. Our team includes some of the best in the business to deliver required trades including but not limited to finishes, architectural, flooring, Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, Information Technology (IT), security and telecom.

Design/Build Construction

CQS has the reach-back and support of various qualified and competent Architectural/Engineering (A/E) partners. We ensure that our clients have the best and most cost-effective design/build options to meet their needs. Together with our A/E partners, we facilitate coordination meetings that help shape final comprehensive designs that meet client needs. During construction, we facilitate all coordination between the A/E and subcontractors to ensure safe and comprehensive project delivery in accordance with project design and specifications.

Plan/Specification Construction

As prime GC, CQS minimizes change orders on plan/specification project delivery by conducting comprehensive constructability reviews during the bid phase and throughout construction. We review all plans and specifications in a manner that uncovers variances or design conflicts before they become costly change orders.

We take our reputation very seriously, and as such, we strive to ensure that the partners/subcontractors with whom we work are equally committed to providing a safe and quality execution. As such, we bid out skilled trades labor primarily to qualified and proven local (and where possible, small business) subcontractors that have a history of excellent past performance in various project sectors. We believe that our clients get the best value through a competitive bid process and make every effort to include client-recommended trade contractors in the bidding process. We adhere to our stringent internal processes and quality management best practices and utilize qualified and competent trade contractors with whom we have previously worked and in whom we have great confidence.


Construction/Project Management

CQS’ trained and experienced project managers provide Construction Management (CM) / Project Management (PM) support on small and large projects to ensure their successful delivery through detailed schedule management and close subcontractor progress tracking. We facilitate all PM tasks such as submittal reviews, management of Requests For Information (RFIs) and change order control. We supplement our client’s workforce to ensure the successful construction of their requirements.

We provide dedicated PM resources to serve as a single Point of Contact (POC) for all project phases through completion. We provide 100% continuity from design, bidding, construction, and into occupancy/warranty phases. We provide control and oversight of 100% of all performing subcontractors from the beginning to the end of a project. For most trades, we hold direct subcontracts with all performing subcontractors and do not allow 2nd and 3rd tier subcontracting that increases cost.

Owner Representation

CQS takes the burden off our clients’ backs and functions as the clearing house and representative for all construction project related requirements. As a representative we build a bridge between installing contractors and client to ensure that the final deliverables align with our clients’ expectations.

We utilize an Integrated Project Team (IPT) approach that helps to minimize negative impacts to the successful delivery of GC projects through streamlined communication and resolution of issues that minimize costly delays. The IPT consists of key client, subcontractor and CQS personnel who stay in constant communication from the beginning to the end of every project.

Bid Management

CQS provides scopes of work, bid packages, Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates and bid coordination and selection for clients.


CQS ensures that your equipment and systems are operating as designed. We take an engineered and comprehensive approach to ensure the successful operation of all installed equipment and systems.

Estimating and Scheduling

CQS provides ROM estimates and develop project schedules that show a clear understanding of our clients’ desired project outcomes.