Transition From an Existing to New BAS Provider

Project Background

Market: Government

In 2008, the Thomas Philip ‘Tip’ O’Neill Jr. House Office Building (OHOB) was converted from a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laboratory into a modern office building for the U.S. Government. Initially, OHOB was overseen by the General Service Administration (GSA), but following the building’s renovation, operations and maintenance responsibility was turned over to the Architect of the Capitol (AOC).

United States Capitol Building east facade - Washington DC Unite

Architect of the Capitol (AOC) O’Neill House Office Building (OHOB)

The Problem

The AOC employs a campus-wide Building Automation System Network (BASnet) to oversee and control their major facilities. However, since OHOB was not initially an AOC facility, the existing Building Automation System (BAS) was not isolated from the existing AOC BASnet. Lacking the ability to view this facility on their network, the AOC engaged CQS as the BAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) responsible for developing the transition plan to bring the existing BAS onto the AOC BASnet.

Our Solution

Prior to developing a Scope of Work (SOW), the AOC needed to take an accounting of the inventory and functionality of the existing BAS. CQS was contracted to perform a comprehensive BAS Industrial Grade Audit (IGA) to establish an updated as-built report that reflected the current state of the building BAS. We met with the key stakeholders from the AOC and worked with them to create a phased transition plan as a deliverable.


As primary BAS consultant, CQS:

  • Completed a comprehensive IGA report that included numerous deliverables such as:
    • Updated as-built drawings
    • BAS IP device network architecture
    • Metering network architecture
    • Field communication wiring layouts
  • Identified proposed changes to improve the BAS
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the AOC and its various stakeholders to understand their pain factors
  • Investigated existing and foreseeable issues, and proposed solutions to address them
  • Created a final report with a detailed analysis and clear BAS transition plan that mitigated any impacts to operations and end users