Replace Outdated BAS System

Project Background

Market: Government

Conquest Solutions, LLC (CQS) performed a survey at the Olney Military Reservation in Gaithersburg, Maryland at the request of the Maryland Department of General Services (MD DGS). The primary objective of the survey was to audit all existing BAS controls infrastructure and provide a written report with recommendations for what would be required to modernize and optimize the HVAC controls in question, to allow for improved equipment control and to prolong equipment life and ultimately save energy.

Olney Military Reservation

Olney Military Reservation

The Problem

The existing controls infrastructure included equipment controllers that were deemed legacy/outdated and no longer supported by the manufacturer, which made them costly to maintain. The majority of the existing water source, heat pump, and central plant equipment were left to run in-hand without BAS control, which plagued the building with consistent equipment failures from over-use and burnout.

Our Solution

CQS proposed to replace the existing BAS with a modern, open-architecture system that would allow for greater control, support, and long-term maintenance by any qualified contractor. The new controllers would be installed in place of the existing legacy controllers, and a new front-end control system would be installed and integrated back to the central server.


As BAS prime contractor, CQS:

  • Installed and commissioned a new modern BAS control system built on the Niagara N4 framework
  • Improved scheduling and comfort controls
  • Provided accurate and consistent control of mechanical equipment in the building
  • Completed comprehensive testing and balancing of all hydronic and air-side systems
  • Implemented new optimized Sequences Of Operation (SOOs) that will:
    • Reduce equipment failures
    • Extend equipment life
    • Provide greater energy savings