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Conquest Solutions is pleased to offer the following Building Automation System (BAS) and Project Management services. Importantly, whatever the offering, we take great pride in our work, ensuring all projects are completed with the highest quality and that customer needs are satisfied.

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Master Planning


Conquest Solutions (CQS) can provide expert level building automation system audits. Our high quality audits enable clients to develop measurable goals for building automation system improvements. We will review existing documentation, survey your HVAC equipment and associated controls, Operation and Maintenance procedures and evaluate security vulnerabilities for your entire building or campus. Our audit will provide you with an independent inventory and prioritized list of recommendations to achieve customer driven goals.


Conquest Solutions will serve as your architect for all of your Building Automation System (BAS) needs. Building Automation Systems have increased in complexity, technology options and security requirements. CQS can help you align your corporate initiatives with the procurement of these systems. We will provide you the mission aligned plans and specifications that can ensure the competitive bidding process will yield the desired features for the lowest investment possible. We are vendor agnostic and can provide you a secure and independent design that could include a new dedicated network or a coordinated IT network rollout leveraging the existing network infrastructure.

Optimization and Management

System Optimization

Our team of experts will evaluate Building Automation Systems to ensure efficient operation while maximizing tenant comfort. We will acquire and analyze all available data to confirm that your system is operating at peak performance levels. When anomalies are discovered, we will investigate root cause(s) and present a final report with recommended solutions. We can even manage the remediation process for you.

Project Management

Our project management team can ensure that your project implementation will be executed as designed and all components come together into a manageable, centralized system. We can provide turn-key project management or provide technical resources to support your project management team. We employ skilled Project Management Professionals (PMP) who can lead and direct using standard project management institute (PMI) guidelines. We manage the project to ensure the scope is contained and it is brought in on schedule and within budget resulting in gained value.


Conquest Solutions provides proven commissioning services to ensure optimal operating efficiency and contract fulfillment. Our team can help your team with the following commissioning services:

  • Provide building automation and energy management design review
  • Develop optimal sequence of operations
  • Review and approve BAS and EMS submittals
  • Third-Party Witness Testing
  • Mock up design and testing
  • Construction inspection
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Deficiency Remediation
  • Training Oversight

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