Need an engineering firm with a strong government track record?

We have worked with Federal, State and Municipal Government Agencies in the Washington, D.C. metro area including Maryland and Virginia.

Over the past several years, federal, state, and municipal government agencies have taken steps to reduce their energy usage. The upgrading and replacement of legacy Building Automation Systems (BAS) has and will continue to play a major part in helping to achieve those savings. Conquest Solutions takes pride in having contributed to the reduction of our nation’s energy footprint.

With an additional $2 billion committed to energy efficiency projects at the federal level through 2017, now is the time to assess your performance.  As a government agency:

  • Are you meeting your benchmarks?
  • Do you have a Direct Digital Controls (DDC) System in place?
  • Are your systems integrated at the optimal level?
  • Are replacement parts harder and harder to come by?
  • Are you experiencing software compatibility issues?
  • Do your HVAC controls allow for zoning?
  • Is your system interface difficult to read?
  • Is pulling the data for your historical trend analysis a headache?
  • Are nuisance alarms a common occurrence?
  • Are you experiencing equipment failures without any warning?
  • Are you tired of having to deal with the limits imposed by a proprietary system?

As full service BAS consultants, Conquest Solutions can help you to address any of the issues highlighted here as you plan, integrate, and commission your BAS project. We are also ideal partners for new construction or building expansion. If your Energy Management Control System isn’t what you would like it to be, or if you would like to make sure your new system is designed specifically to meet your needs, contact us.  We have worked with several government agencies; we’ll help you get there.

And, for more information, download our BAS Upgrade checklist. It will help you to make sure you have all your bases covered.