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An Engineering Consulting Firm that Listens.

It may sound cliche, but listening is one of the most ignored factors in optimizing Building Automation Systems (BAS).  With this in mind, founder, Ian Mulira, saw a need in the marketplace for a top-quality engineering consulting firm, specializing in BAS’s that actually paid more attention to customer needs and profitability. More specifically, he saw a need for a firm that could provide unbiased information to key stakeholders in the midst of planning, implementing, commissioning, testing, upgrading or analyzing their BAS.

With 15 years of experience in the field of BAS including working at the Facilities Department at Northeastern University, various application engineering firms, and some years in Defense Consulting, General Manager, Ian Mulira, knows the difference having a true advocate can make in contributing toward successful project completion.

“BAS systems are complex,” Ian offered.  “Things happen, and when they do you want to have a solutions provider who is dedicated to the concept of 100% transparency… someone who’s not pushing their own agenda or trying to cover up a problem. That’s because small issues that don’t get addressed or stay hidden can become bigger issues down the road. Additionally, whenever possible, organizations need to look toward open architecture systems. These types of systems just lend themselves to more flexibility down the road. You’re not tied to one specific vendor.”

In addition to taking a transparent, open architecture approach, Conquest Solutions is committed to keeping key stakeholders involved in the process. This helps to eliminate surprises and to build collaborative solutions. Importantly, the collaboration is between all the key stakeholders, whether it’s the Contracting Officer, Subcontractor, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Operator – whomever is involved.

Ian Mulira

Ian Mulira

General Manager

“We speak the technical jargon, the managerial lingo, and the boots on the ground speak,” Ian explained. “Conquest Solutions helps to bridge that gap between the decision makers, the engineers, and the sub-contractors. We help to explain the real issues so that all the key stakeholders can speak with confidence about the project and know exactly what’s going on. Being responsive to the needs and expectations of our customers is a top priority.”

“We’ve sub-contracted with Conquest Solutions on some of our biggest and most sensitive government projects, and one of the things I really like about working with them is that they execute well and on time. Conquest Solutions meets their timetables and their targets. But not only that, they also have a great rapport with the customers; our customers love them.”

Alphonso Williams

Director of Marketing & Sales, Ameresco

Conquest Solutions’ emphasis on building strong relationships during the planning, implementation, and analysis stages of a project facilitates an open, easy to navigate, working relationship.

Whether you are working on a $50,000 or a $50 Million BAS project, Conquest Solutions has the background, commitment and experience to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We can do that because we hire experienced people who are customer focused and believe in our philosophy.