What We Do

Our Core Competencies:

Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)

BAS and ATC Core Competencies

Project Scope Development

We listen to you first then translate what you want into an actionable deliverable.

New & Existing Control System Design Strategies

Not everything is broken, we leverage your infrastructure to develop the most cost-effective control strategy.

Design of Direct Digital Control Drawings

“The Devil is in the Details.” Precise, Clear, Well Thought Out Control Drawings mitigate confusion and lost productivity during the construction period.

We generate detailed Control Drawings which include items such as flow diagrams, detailed points lists, termination points, wire labeling, precise network architecture diagrams, valve schedules, device schedules, sequences of operation, and bill of material that reference actual points. Well planned and executed control drawings are a representation of a good BAS Specification.

Sequence of Operation Generation & Review

If the Inputs and Outputs (I/O) are the body, then the Sequences of Operation (SOO) are the brains. You need the brains to properly control the body and for this to happen, the language needs to be conducive to programmers’ way of thinking.

Forensic Retro-Commissioning and Evaluation

You have a piece of equipment, but it isn’t performing as intended.  We will evaluate its hardware and software programming to determine the following: 1) What went wrong 2) How to achieve the original design intent and 3) Suggest ways to enhance the equipment operation.

Third Party Integration and Architecture Planning

BACnet/IP, BACnet/MSTP, Modbus, LonTalk, ZigBee, EnOcean, xAP, oBix… the list goes on. Internet of Things (IOT) is here to stay, so unbiased guidance is required in planning your BAS Architecture.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) enhances operational awareness

Graphical User Interface (GUI) & Human Machine Interface (HMI) Layout Development

A good user-friendly GUI provides information in a manner that enhances building management operational awareness. We ensure that the GUI/HMI is properly laid out and displays the information that meets the end user’s desires.

Energy Design Services Consulting

Building System Investment Grade Audits

We provide technical reports that aid key client stakeholders with their Capitol Resource Planning. Deliverables are based on some of the following activity:

  • Comprehensive Site Surveys
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Equipment Operation Investigation

Bid Package Development on behalf of A/E Firms, Government and Energy Services Companies (ESCO)

Generation of granular scopes of work that meet design criteria. From our experience, the use of generic specifications increases the risk of exposure to costly changes.  We tailor specifications to each of our projects and produce a final deliverable that is ready for Bid.

Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Design

“Saving Energy = Saving Money!” We understand both building automation hardware and software capabilities, so we can provide you with realistic ECMs that translate to your bottom line.

Technical Facilitation Support

You have hired a contractor…. Great! We will support you throughout the entire construction phase of a project to ensure the contractor meets the design intent.

Construction Management

We Focus on Excellent Communication with Client and Project Stakeholders as It Relates to All the Key Steps in Realizing a Successful Outcome:

Past Clients Include:

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